+ Can we start tomorrow?

We are usually booked six to eight weeks in advance. We do ocassionally take on "rush" projects, which we consider to be anything with a 4 week or shorter timeline.

+ Where are you based?

Atlanta, Georgia!

+ Do you take international and out-of-state clients?

Yes! Most of our clientele are international.

+ How much does a video cost?

Most of our crowdfunding videos start at about $8000 USD. This includes everything we do - writing, shooting, and editing. From there, we account for things like hiring talent, renting locations, and travel. To give you an idea for range, our cheapest project in 2017 was done for about $7000 and our highest was about $11,000.

+ What’s your process?

  1. Introductions: After you fill out our survey, we schedule a Skype call to answer any questions and determine if we’re a good fit. If we decide to move forward, we’ll ask you to send us all the relevant info we need for the video - docs related to your branding, messaging, competitors, etc.

  2. Proposal: We then draft up a proposal for you to sign that outlines the budget, timeline, and scope of work. We’re now officially in production and the first invoice is sent.

  3. Concept Design: Based on what we’ve discussed, we’ll come up with a concept for your video that will best deliver your message.

  4. Scriptwriting: Once the concept is approved, our writers will turn the outline into a proper script.

  5. Pre-Production: Meanwhile, we’ll begin planning the shoot - booking actors, crew, locations, and scheduling our shooting days.

  6. Production: On shooting days, you’re welcome to come along on set or review dailies at the end of each day.

  7. Post-Production: We edit all the footage into a complete draft for review. Music, voice over talent, and visual effects are also added in at this stage.

  8. Delivery: Once you’re completely happy with the edit, we send you the file in whatever format you need.

  9. Post-Launch Support: Using viewer analytics data, we can make additional edits to the video to better engage your backers.

In-between each stage are numerous re-writes/re-shoots/and re-edits as needed.

+ How long does it take to make a video?

We’ve made videos over the course of 3 months and we’ve completed an entire project in one week. Both exceeded their funding goals. Ultimately, it depends on the scope of work.

Most of our projects take on average 6-8 weeks from initial e-mail to final delivery. Four weeks is the absolute minimum. Anything less than that we consider a "rush" project and will charge extra.

+ What do you NOT do?

We are strictly a video production team, so services we don’t offer include:

Visual Effects
3D/2D Animation
Graphic Design

However, we do have partners we regularly work with in each category we’d be happy to refer you to.


Let's make an amazing video.